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Just back from the mountain! August 4, 2008

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Such a refreshing weekend!  I was at Sage Mountain, studying with Matthew Wood this weekend, and wow what an experience!

We were supposed to be covering the nervous system, and we did get around to it on Sunday, but we learned SO much more than that!  He covered tissue states, the respiratory system, lots of stories about Agrimony and Black Walnut, and a little bit about pulses, too!

Sleeping out was a bit difficult; it rained both nights.  Thankfully, the tent was very waterproof; the only water that came in was from my feet.

We had lightning, too!  It hit out in the garden (I saw it as I was walking up the driveway…scary!), in the “plaza”, and behind the bath house.  2 folks felt zaps, one through the computer, and one…well, I’m not quite sure how Amanda felt hers, but goodness!

Matthew didn’t fall asleep in class, either 😛  What a great weekend!


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