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At long last! March 23, 2016

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Sage Living is becoming active again! I am teaching workshops and available to see clients at The River Guild in Concord, NH. A small assortment of products will be available there as well. Hope to see you there soon!


A Talk and a Class January 14, 2010

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Rebecca will be giving a talk to the Dunbarton Garden Club on February 9th at 7 PM.  She will be presenting some herbs to grow in our area, as well as how to create an herbal foot soak.  Please contact the garden club at 774-6636 for more information!

On the 27th, Rebecca will be at Pachamama in Concord teaching one of her favorite classes, Intuitive Jewelry Making!  Join us to learn how to combine your affinity for crystal healing with an introduction to basic bead stringing in Intuitive Jewelry Making. In this class, we will cover some basics of crystal work, enact and empower your intuition, and make a beaded necklace for yourself or a loved one.

$30 pp, preregistration at Pachamama required, includes handout on crystal healing and materials to make one necklace. Length of workshop is about 2 hours.  Call the shop at 226-0716 for more information.


NH Herbal Network & NOFA-NH Herb and Garlic Day September 26, 2009

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Fall is upon us! Please join Rebecca at NOFA-NH and the New Hampshire Herbal Network’s first annual Herb & Garlic Day! Massabesic Audobon Society is hosting the event on Saturday, October 10th from 9 until 3. Rebecca will be leading an herb walk on local medicinal plants as well as vending. Visit NOFA-NH’s Website for more information. Preregistration is available.

The fields are starting to brown up, and the last of the comfrey has come inside to be made into oil.  Time to start digging the roots soon; Aralia is ready for bringing in, and Barberry and Japanese Knotweed are next.  Rebecca has been harvesting the highly invasive Autumn Olives for a delicious jam as well.  Keep an eye out for new batches of product and upcoming fall events!


Updates to the website! November 10, 2008

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Hey, all!

Well, I’ve closed the shop and moved home.  Unfortunately, due to circumstances beyond our control, we are not able to make the renovations to the house nearly as soon as we had expected, so Sage Living will remain (for all intents and purposes) an online-only entity for several months to come.  I’ll be doing a couple of craft fairs over the holiday season, but other than that, the web is where Sage Living is at.

I’ve begun making changes to the page, getting everything transferred over to the new style.  So far, the bulk herbs and tea blends are switched, and several tea blends have been added as well.  QA is always a concern of mine, so if you have any recommendations, please let me know!

Hope fall is being wonderful to you; it’s gorgeous here!

Green Blessings,



Just back from the mountain! August 4, 2008

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Such a refreshing weekend!  I was at Sage Mountain, studying with Matthew Wood this weekend, and wow what an experience!

We were supposed to be covering the nervous system, and we did get around to it on Sunday, but we learned SO much more than that!  He covered tissue states, the respiratory system, lots of stories about Agrimony and Black Walnut, and a little bit about pulses, too!

Sleeping out was a bit difficult; it rained both nights.  Thankfully, the tent was very waterproof; the only water that came in was from my feet.

We had lightning, too!  It hit out in the garden (I saw it as I was walking up the driveway…scary!), in the “plaza”, and behind the bath house.  2 folks felt zaps, one through the computer, and one…well, I’m not quite sure how Amanda felt hers, but goodness!

Matthew didn’t fall asleep in class, either 😛  What a great weekend!


Off to The Mountain! August 1, 2008

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Sage Living will be closed this weekend so I can attend the first Sage Mt. weekend of this month.  We’re focussing on the nervous system this time, so lots of nervines, calming herbs and rejuvenatives!  I’ve heard that David Hoffmann won’t be making out as scheduled, and I’ve heard a rumor about who’s coming out instead, so we’ll see who it actually turns out to be.  No matter what, I know that this weekend will be fantastic!

Don’t forget, the Moving Sale starts on Tuesday!  See you then!


Taking a weekend off… July 3, 2008

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In honor of the holiday, Sage Living will be closed Friday and Saturday of this week. We will re-open on Tuesday at 11.

For those of you looking to harvest, St. Johns Wort is at its prime right now; head out and find a stand, pluck the blossoms and put them into a jar, and fill it up with oil. Within a couple of weeks, you’ll have a lovely red brew for cuts, scrapes, burns, etc.

Have a great weekend!

Rebecca & David